View Full Version : Car Dies While idling..

04-24-2007, 11:42 AM
Okay i have tried everything i can think of and yet this problem is still here... I have a 96 Trans am that runs perfectly fine as long as your foot is on the gas and the car isnt warmed up... The minuite the car warms up and you hit a stop sign or a stoplight somewhere where the car should idle it just shuts itself off and refuses to kick back over for about 5 to ten minuites or untill the car has cooled off for a bit..We have timed it and it shuts off at 20 inuites everytime which could just be a odd concidence that it takes that long to warm the car off or it could have something to do with it im not sure... I have changed MAP sensor, ignition control modual, Fuel filter, Idle air control control valve and changed the gas out and nothing is working if anyone was any ideas or suggestions to try i would greatly appreaciate it... Thanks